Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ATG Artist Spotlight: Brother Aten

Check out my recent interview with the very talented and introspective writer/producer Brother Aten. His DnB track, Exploring Saturn without Wings was featured on The LDub Experience Episode 9: I Gotchu and I couldn't wait to learn more about him.

Brother Aten's music is thought provoking with an organic sensibility. He has a gift for creating music that draws you in and keeps you. A true star on the rise, Brother Aten holds down this month's ATG artist spotlight.

Name: Chris Mcwayne aka Brother Aten
Current City/hometown: From the East Coast currently living in Greensboro, NC
Philosophy towards life: At the end of your life will you have satisfied the dreams of the person that lived it or will you accept the defeat of the one who sees its end.

ATG: Who is Brother Aten?
BA: I am a electronic music producer that focuses mostly within the range of Drum and Bass, Brokenbeats, and Dubstep.  The name Brother Aten refers to the sun personified as a Brother to myself.  The origin of this concept comes from a graphic novel I began writing a year ago (2009).

ATG: What people, places and or things inspired you to pursue music as a career?
BA: When it comes to the world I try to see myself as an alchemist taking in the things I receive from outside and transforming them into something new.  Music is one of the avenues I release my tribute to what has inspired me.  I pursue music only because I want my sound and thoughts heard so that maybe they can inspire someone else.

ATG: Describe the Brother Aten sound?
BA: My sound is very dreamy and dark.  Hard stepping drums slice through haunting elements to create a symbol of how I feel inside.

ATG: Upcoming projects?
BA: I will be releasing a full length album in the near feature not sure when but soon. I am also teaming up with another great producer by the name of STLLR on some amazing projects.

ATG: 3 things you can't live without?
BA: At this stage in life I must sadly admit that they I can't live without chicken fried rice, a computer and my portable hard drive.

ATG: Favorite place on earth?
BA: Belize...almost 10 years strong it is still my image of perfection.

ATG: If readers want to learn more about you and hear your music where should they go?
BA: I am on soundcloud.

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